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A summary of all the work we´ve done so far

So, its been a pretty busy couple months. We´ve remodelled the whole ground level in the middle of a pandemic while keeping the guests in the upper level comfortable and happy. Its been a great team effort and I could thank enough to Jennifer how lead the whole thing. Our skilled workers (Tim, John and OkkPick) were tremendous, working day and night to get everything done in the shortest possible time.

We´ve done so much! I´m just so very proud of everyone for getting the hotel:

  1. A new shared kitchen

  2. A new dining area (so important to keep the community spirit up)

  3. A new batchroom in the lobby

  4. Remodelling the whole lobby and reception office (previously, just a desk)

  5. The new six pods and 3 rooms.

  6. The deck outside looks soooooo nice, I just want to spend my whole summer there :)

And theres so much to do next: new floors, painting and more plants (can you ever have enough plants?)

Thanks to everyone, its time to enjour a weel deserved beer.

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